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Mudge (Mook's Fudge)

Compared to most role playing games, Fudge is very simple and 'rules light'. It uses normal english terms as much as possible, and its core resolution mechanic is elegant and quick-to-learn. The main Fudge rules (available for free download here) offer many different options for the Game Master to select from, and need to be customized before being used to run a game.

Many years ago, I tweaked the Fudge rules to my own liking, dubbing it Mudge. Though it never quite pulled me away from GURPS... it came damn close. It can be viewed online by following the link below:

Mudge Table of Contents

If you would prefer to download for viewing offline, choose from the available formats below (files are zipped).

Rich Text Format (, 135 kb
Adobe Acrobat (, 781 kb
HyperText Markup Language (, 88 kb

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