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"To Thine Own Self Be True", Part One






Week Nine

May 16th, 1996
Avg. Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Thursday May 11th, 2043/Friday May 12th, 2043

The Voodoo Lords attacked with their swords, while the party opened fire with their weapons. The needler fire seemed to bounce off them, indicating dermal plating...although, crossbow bolts and claws seemed to work just fine. Before the combat progressed too far, the party filled the room with sleep gas; it was then easy work to dispatch the unconscious Voodoo Lords.

Once the gas cleared from the room, the party found a small "manhole" in the stone floor, right where the plans Griffon obtained for them indicated it would be. But Drake thought she saw something over it, a snake of some kind, which no one else saw, even with cyberware. She attempted to open the trapdoor, and was struck with a poisoned wound on her hand, which Alex tended to and neutralized. Rook then opened the door without any further complications.

The door revealed a ten-foot shaft which ended in a steel, and alarmed, hatch at the bottom. Rook climbed down, deactivated the sensor package, and prepared to enter. Meanwhile, still up in the room where the battle with the Voodoo Lords occurred, Derek began hearing groaning noises coming from the bodies of the fallen Lords. The first time he merely checked to be sure they were dead...the second time he decapitated them all and removed their eyes.

Once everyone was set, Rook opened the hatch and dropped into the chamber below. The room was large and circular; it contained a bed, an altar, and a few other furnishings. Standing there, in front of the black altar, was Morgan.

Rook fired with his gyroc, but only one round hit- the others were deflected by some kind of force screen in front of Morgan. The one shot that hit, however, hit in the head. Morgan stumbled back a bit, and Rook could see hair somehow protruding from the wound on his bald head. One by one the rest of the team entered the chamber, and the battle grew.

Rook pushed the bed across the room towards Morgan, hoping to pierce his force screen, but it didn't work. Instead he was hit by some kind of green tangler round which Morgan threw at him. Drake helped Rook get the tangler off, then attempted to grapple with Morgan and pull him through the screen. BUG and Derek continued firing, and Alex finally entered the room and joined the fray. After a brief struggle, Drake pulled Morgan through the screen and BUG shot him in the back as he lay on the stone floor.

Once Morgan was dead, he began to change. His arms and legs shortened, his bald head grew flowing black locks- he looked quite different in death than in life. A search of the body yielded only a fragile bone bracelet, which Rook pocketed. The room contained an altar, a bed, a black stone statue (which BUG destroyed), a large covered shelving unit, and three doors (which all led to sewer tunnels, as shown on Griffon's plans). On the altar the party found a small jar of green powder, similar to the powder Granny used when she was in her apartment. The shelving unit was found to contain dozens and dozens of jars, each containing different body parts and labeled with various dates. The party took the two jars they found with eyes in them, and prepared to leave.

Drake then thought she saw something else, a glowing circle of light over a section of floor. Upon further investigation, the team found a trapdoor right where Drake directed them, but the door couldn't be opened. Drake took some of the powder from the altar and spread it around the circle; the door immediately swung open.

When Drake descended into the pit beneath, she was horrified by what she found. There was a young girl "living" there, surrounded by her own feces and an occasional bone. She looked to be about 8 years old; it was shockingly obvious that she had been beaten and abused. She wore no clothes, and would not (could not?) talk to Drake. The team finally decided to put her to sleep with a gyroc round. They gathered the girl, their remaining gear, and left the clock tower building. When they were a sufficient distance away, Alex detonated the charges he had planted and destroyed the entire building.

The session ended at 3am on Friday May 12th, 2043- everyone was at their own apartment, Drake with the still sleeping girl.

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