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"To Thine Own Self Be True", Part One






Week Two

February 15th, 1996
(no ratings taken)

Friday April 14th, 2043

All six PCs arrived at the Torch Club around 7pm, and met with Gipetto on the third floor (he wore the exact same clothing as before, with the exception of wearing two blue shoes instead of one shoe and one boot). The only others in the room were a Japanese gentleman, his two bodyguards, and a Caucasian stranger who came to meet with them [he was later thrown discreetly off the roof by the Japanese man's bodyguards].

Gipetto was still quite evasive about any specifics to the "troubleshooting" the party might be expected to do. He offered a 3000 ny/month retainer, with more to be paid if any actual services were to be required. Everyone agreed to be on retainer, with the option to refuse specific runs. Jennifer further specified her own contract, to be reviewed after three months.

Gipetto, who was very tactless and brief in his dealings with the party (though not unpleasant), once again returned to the Fusama Export warehouse after leaving the Torch Club. Rook followed him there.

Once this meeting was completed, Jennifer, Bug, Derek, and Alex wandered outside together. They found the body of the man they had seen on the third floor - he had obviously jumped or been pushed from the roof - and searched him over. Finding only some unknown drugs, Alex and Derek then had a motorcycle race against one another, and finally all four went to an underground illegal "boxing" arena. Derek decided to fight, against a midget opponent named "Mighty Mo", and although he was badly beaten he won the match. All the PCs returned to their own apartments after that.

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