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"To Thine Own Self Be True", Part One






Week Eighteen

October 24th, 1996
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Friday May 5th, 2043

The team (except for Rook, who joined everyone a bit later) awoke to the pleasant aroma of Granny cooking breakfast. They all stirred from the places they'd collapsed to the previous evening and devoured their little hero's banquet. After some brief conversation the team drifted back into their own lives; nothing could be done now until Eve contacted them, which could be weeks. Baal needed to time to set up Eve's anonymous datafort before the download could occur.

Drake asked her fixer Bill if he could find out what had happened to Ishegawa, which he did. Ishegawa had been arrested by Turing after inquiring around about clones and cloning tanks; he was to be held in custody indefinitely, but would probably be released relatively unharmed, since he didn't really know much of importance.

Two members of the team spent some time undergoing cyber enhancement with Dr. Que Xung (paid for by Eve, of course)- Rook had surgery to install an environmental interface jack, and Alex got a cybernetic hand with claws to replace the one blown off during the battle with Morgan. They spent their time recuperating; Rook also spent a good deal of time jacked in, acclimating himself to his new jack.

Tuesday May 23rd, 2043, 0900 hours

Nine days later, Eve finally called. Baal was nearing completion of the datafort, and Eve wanted the team to retrieve the "self-destruct code" from Turing. Without that code, even if she managed to download herself, she would be wiped out of existence upon reaching a certain size.

Rook obtained building plans of the site where the AI codes were stored, offline, and also left a false 'net-trail' to the Vitae Industries AI. The team would need to get the code physically. They created a duplicate disk, containing various viruses with the phrase "Blood is the Power" as their theme, and went downtown to run the building.

It didn't turn out to be terribly difficult. The building was in disrepair, and many of its security systems didn't even seem to function. They quickly entered through the back of the building, took what they came for, and planted the duplicate disk. Exiting was easier than entering, and in no time the team was safely back on the Seattle boardwalk talking with Eve. She was overjoyed, and treated the team to a party back at Drake's (complete with Chinese food, balloons, and exotic dancers, thanks to Rook).

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