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"To Thine Own Self Be True", Part One






Week Seventeen

October 3rd, 1996
Avg. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Saturday May 13th, 2043, 2200 hours

Morgan wasted no time in attacking; he released the leash holding back the hyena- creature, and the beast's massive jaws quickly closed around Drake's throat. Much to her surprise, though, the attack didn't harm her. Instead, the amulet which Granny had given her crumbled away to nothing and dropped off her neck. The creature then moved on and attacked Derek, occupying him for most of the battle's remainder (Derek eventually managed to kill the beast).

It was a vicious battle- Morgan stood behind a protective dome, which gyrocs and lasers apparently couldn't penetrate, and threw out some kind of green substance which constricted around its victim. Both Bug and Alex needed to remove their armored coats to avoid being suffocated. Morgan also somehow used the staff he wielded to cause Drake and Bug to hallucinate and be distracted from the battle. As the battle wore on and it became clear the team was in trouble, Drake crossed over into the dome and managed to throw Morgan outside of its protective influence. The team all struck at him- with one last defiant act he tore the head from the small rag doll at his belt. Alex then jammed a grenade onto Morgan's head and detonated it. The ensuing explosion killed Morgan, mangled Alex's hand and forearm beyond use, and threw Bug 15 feet into the air. As the battle ended, everyone but Rook had been wounded to some extent- the team burned Morgan's body, took his staff (which wouldn't burn), and made their way back to the surface.

No one bothered them as they exited the club, bloodied and bruised. Once outside the club Rook destroyed the "Spanky Pete's" neon sign with his gyroc pistol. The team headed to Granny's to rest and ask her some questions.

When they arrived, Granny was humming a happy tune to herself. She was very pleased to see that everyone was still alive, and further explained that she was happy the "young one had moved on". The girl had been "born pure, and left this life without ever tarnishing that purity" (she had died when Morgan tore the head from the rag doll). Surely a wonderful life awaited her when she returned. Morgan's staff was broken, and the pieces disposed of (Drake had wanted to destroy it, but then felt a strange sensation of suddenly not wanting to destroy it. She asked Panther to do it for her). Granny tended to the party's wounds with a green poultice she made herself, and everyone (except for Rook) fell asleep right there in the apartment.

Rook wandered over to the Arcadia to unwind for a bit, then went to sleep in the car.

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