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"To Thine Own Self Be True", Part One






Week Thirteen

August 1st, 1996
Avg. Rating: 4.85 out of 5

Saturday May 13th, 2043, 1100 hours

Drake and Rook returned to the Fusama warehouse, with the black box Rook had found. The entire team was now gathered, and they took the opportunity to discuss various theories and questions they all had: who would grow four clones, and why? why did the clones have such limited social skills? was it Vitae Industries that attacked Bug? how did Morgan and Ferguson fit into all of this?

After about an hour of this, Derek approached Drake with an idea he had. If Morgan was somehow able to "watch" them over great distances, perhaps he would respond if his name was called. Derek yelled, as loud as he could, "Hey Morgan, here I am...come get me!"

For a second, nothing happened. But then the team could see writing, in blood, forming on the opposite wall. The message was, "The Child is Mine". Drake, and only Drake, could also make out the faint outline of a man, standing in the room with them, and drawing in the air with his finger. When the message had completely formed, and the outline had faded, Derek cried out once again, "Hey Morgan, you coward...come and face me!"

Again, for a second, nothing happened. Then the room began to fill with flies, coming from the room above, hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Everyone rushed upstairs to the warehouse to investigate.

What greeted them there was something stood 8 feet tall, and its skin was shriveled and taut against its muscular frame. The creature lumbered forward, enormous clawed hands nearly dragging the ground. The team attacked it, but their laser and gyrocs seemed largely ineffective. Melee weapons and Bug's crossbow seemed to fare better. Miraculously, despite the creatures overwhelming size and strength, the PCs defeated it without a single injury to the team. The creature came apart when it hit the hard ground of the warehouse...Drake encircled the remains with the last of the green powder given to her by Granny. As the body began to smolder of its own accord, Alex finished it off with an incendiary grenade. The smell was horrendous, but at least everyone was still alive and healthy.

Drake then called Ishegawa, but there was no answer on his vidphone. She programmed her G3K to continue calling him every fifteen minutes and hoped for the best. The team decided it would be best to go and see Granny, to see if she could shed any light on these recent events.

Once the team had left Fusama, leaving Baal and Rook behind, Drake informed everyone that there was something "not right" about the dog which had just begun to walk their way. Attempts to capture the animal failed, and it escaped into a dead end alley. The team pursued, and were surprised to find that the beast had apparently "vanished" from the alley.

A thorough search of the alley, however, revealed scrape marks on the pavement, as well as up the far end wall. The team climbed up out of the alley to the rooftops. There, on the next roof over, was the "dog", lying down and transmitting out of a small dish somehow protruding from its head. The PCs quickly tangled and destroyed the animal, which was discovered to be a heavily cyborged dog, or perhaps even a complete robot. After looking around to ensure no one else was surveilling them, they continued on to Granny's.

At Granny's they explained all that had happened, and Granny did her best to answer their questions. The creature they had defeated was obviously one of Morgan's summoned minions; he would not confront the party until he was absolutely certain of victory. Granny also informed the party that Morgan's blood oath, to sacrifice the party members to Mbua, needed to be completed by the next new moon (22 days), or else Morgan's own soul would be forfeit.

By 1pm, the team was almost ready to run Vitae Industries. Baal had provided maps, personnel, schedules, deliveries; everything he could. The plan was to purchase uniforms to look like Vitae Industries Botanical Research Technicians, hijack an incoming botanical delivery, and drive right into Vitae.

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