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"To Thine Own Self Be True", Part One






Week Eleven

June 27th, 1996
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Friday May 12th, 2043

At approximately 1800 hours, the team was still split up around Fusama- Rook inside, the others outside. Drake called her acquaintance, Ishegawa, and explained to him what they had found, and asked if he would be interested in examining the cloning apparatus at the warehouse. He indicated that he would, and made his way to Fusama.

Drake continued to care for the young girl rescued from Morgan. Though she did have some trouble keeping food down, she seemed to be in good health. Derek picked up Drake and the girl on his motorcycle and brought them to see Granny in the Barrens.

After some friendly inquiries they found Granny at the Arcadia, and from there walked across to her apartment. Granny comforted the child, soothed her, and the child seemed to relax a bit; Drake agreed to leave the child in Granny's care for the time being. Granny then asked Drake if she would like to learn more about her past lives, the ones weighing on her soul; again, Drake agreed. Derek left to meet up with BUG and Alex, to investigate Griffon's failure to call, and Granny helped Drake to enter one of her "past lives".

Drake, under the influence of the strange smoke from Granny's brazier, saw herself as a young black man, apparently a drug dealer or manufacturer. A 14 year old courier was there, short 3 grams on his delivery, and Drake (as the black man), ordered him to be held down while Drake/Curtis burned him with a bunsen burner. S/he enjoyed hearing the boy scream and watching him as the flame drew closer, closer...but Drake broke herself out of the hallucination before the boy was actually harmed. Granny assured her that she would teach Drake how to do this on her own...if she thought that was wise.

Meanwhile, after escorting Ishegawa into the Fusama warehouse, BUG and Alex headed out to Maplewood to check on Griffon. They passed through the border without incident, thanks to Rook calling the checkpoint with a bounced signal and vouching for them. Once inside they proceeded to 74 Tranquility Terrace, and met up with Derek (who had already arrived).

The estate at 74 Tranquility Terrace contained three buildings- the main house, a smaller guest house, and the servants' quarters. After letting themselves into the servant's quarters, Derek asked the butler about Griffon and was directed to the guest house. The team proceeded there and found Griffon (an 11 year old named Thomas Sinclair) quite dead - his head had been twisted right off his body, and was nowhere to be found. The rooms had been trashed, and the party found more claw marks here, as they had at Chad Ferguson's and at Fusama.

On the top floor, the team discovered Griffon's head burning in a small brazier, surrounded by symbols drawn in red powder. Derek kicked the pot over and the team departed. They grabbed as much computer equipment as they could carry, informed the servants of the boy's death, and quickly headed back to the familiar streets of Seattle.

Drake checked in with Ishegawa, but he hadn't had much success in analyzing the clone tank yet; all he knew so far was that it was very complex. Drake, Rook, and Derek were all at Derek's apartment, BUG and Alex were at Alex's.

The session ended with the team receiving calls on their G3Ks - it was Gipetto, asking to meet with them "tomorrow, at Fusama". Flustered, the team agreed, and Gipetto ended the call. (Alex found that the signal was a computer animation, not a normal video feed).

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