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"To Thine Own Self Be True", Part One






Week One

February 1st, 1996
(no ratings taken)

Tuesday April 11th, 2043

Each of the PCs was approached, individually, by a man who introduced himself as Gipetto. He wore a long red trenchcoat, 1 powder blue dress shoe, 1 biker's boot, green polyester pants, a T shirt that said "World Fair 2038", shades, and a backwards baseball cap. His skin seemed soft and unblemished, as if he had never done a real day's work in his life. Gipetto offered each of them a job, as "troubleshooters", for an experiment he was running (though he didn't go into any detail about the nature of this experiment).

Although he said he had found the PCs' addresses through various fixers or contacts, none of these checked out. It's unknown how he learned the PCs' names, hangouts, or addresses. Alex scanned him to see if he was transmitting anything, but found instead that he was receiving high-speed bursted signals. Bug followed him once he left her apartment...he made his way to the Fusama Export Warehouse on the edge of the Blight and went inside.

Thursday April 13th, 2043

Bug and Jennifer, playing/hustling pool at Dirty Dan's bar, were approached by Rook, who eventually asked them a few questions regarding Gipetto in an attempt to learn more about their new "employer." After a brief conversation, the three were threatened by a lightweight gang known as the Punks, but intimidated the gang away [one of them was angry at being hustled at pool by Bug]. The Punks returned, however, after getting twisted on some kind of combat drugs, and a fight ensued. The three PCs won, easily, but messily.

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