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Gaming Session Logs

The links to the left, under the "Logs" section, will bring you to exact copies of the weekly summaries I gave to the players as the campaign progressed. I did this so that everyone could "stay on the same page" in regards to what had happened and where they had been. These session logs are very bare bones, and may not necessarily be exciting reading; but they were originally done just to keep track of details in a practical way. If I ever get the chance maybe I'll rewrite them all into a more pleasing narrative, but until then I'm afraid these will have to do.

Also, after each session of gaming I am in the habit of asking the players to rate the evening's play on a purely subjective scale of 1-5 (5 best). I've included the averages of these scores below (but not the accompanying comments) to give you some indication of how we all enjoyed ourselves each week.

The highest average was 4.85 (from Week 13) and the lowest was 2.6 (from Week 3). The campaign as a whole, as voted by the players, was given a 4.6. I consider this to be an exemplary score, and am overjoyed that all the players apparently enjoyed the campaign as much as I did!

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