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Map of Seattle Sprawl, 2043

Everett Maplewood Whidbey Redmond Seattle Bellevue, Hobart, Payullup, Tacoma

The Seattle Metroplex

The Seattle Metroplex encompasses the districts of Bellevue, Everett, Hobart, Maplewood, Payullup (south of Tacoma), Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma, and Whidbey. All the districts have border walls in place, so citizens traveling from one district to another will have to go through some kind of checkpoint (although some districts put more emphasis on security than others).

Between the walls of each district are "kill zones", 10-foot wide areas (usually) where no one is allowed. Those unfortunate enough to be caught in these areas will normally be shot on sight by NERCC.

NERCC insisted on the erection of these barricades "as a means to ensure the security and domestic tranquillity of the Seattle Metroplex."

Following is a brief description of the districts - these are only generalities, of course, and certain neighborhoods within a district may be quite different.

Bellevue, Hobart, Payullup, and Tacoma
These four districts are designated for C-3's only. Their walls are uniformly 15 feet high, topped with razor wire and remote cameras. NERCC maintains a standard presence in these areas, and the carrying of any kind of firearm is prohibited to those with a license for such (though NERCC will often not bother someone with an obvious sidearm who looks "clean-cut" enough, unless they're acting suspiciously; most others get hassled).

Everett is the least urban of the Seattle Metroplex districts; it is basically a sprawling maze of crumbling buildings, abandoned public transit stations, and trash-filled streets. It is designated for C-4's only. Everett's walls are the standard 15 feet high, but many places are beginning to show a lot of wear. NERCC only come here when they need to, when they are in great numbers, and when they are heavily armed. Because of this, citizens here routinely carry weapons that would be cause for great alarm elsewhere.

Maplewood is the only designated C-1 district in the Metroplex. NERCC maintains a very strong presence here, and the streets are well patrolled. Firearms are restricted to those with permits, but, since C-1 status automatically confers a full firearms permit, this isn't an issue (unless, of course, the person is obviously not a C-1). Border security is very tight, and the walls are a full 25 feet high, with many sensors and anti- personnel measures (lethal and otherwise). Maplewood's killing zone is 50 feet wide, and is rumored to be mined.

Often referred to as "The Barrens", Redmond is basically nothing more than an extremely large Local SOF (Secure Observation Facility). It is designated C-4 only, but, unlike Everett, security here is very tight- at least at the borders. NERCC doesn't travel into Redmond any more than they do into Everett, but they do patrol the border walls heavily. All those assigned to this district are here because NERCC wants them here, and NERCC does its best to make sure they stay. Any type of firearm is absolutely prohibited, and the carrying of a weapon openly is grounds for immediate termination (though weapons certainly do find their way in). Redmond's border walls are identical to Maplewood's.

The Seattle district is the sprawl that grew up around downtown Seattle, back before cities had walls in them and NERCC ran the show. It is the largest district, and also the most diverse. Both C-2's and C-3's are cleared for this district; some neighborhoods border on being C-1, while others are easily as dangerous as Everett after dark. The carrying of firearms varies as well, depending on what part of the district one is in. Overall, NERCC maintains a strong presence here, but there are certain areas where even they hesitate to go.

Whidbey is designated for C-2's, and as such enjoys a rather blissful existence. NERCC patrols here frequently, and problems tend to be few and far between. Openly carried firearms are rare, but usually tolerated if the owner appears non-threatening. Many corporations house their C-2 workers in enclaves here.

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