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GM Materials

These are the actual sheets I used to run the games.

  • The Adventure
    Two pages of GURPS/game introduction, three pages of the actual story and scenes.
  • GM Control Sheet
    A four page summary of all eight Player Characters.
  • Extras
    A few pages of extras:
    • Pictures of The Misfits (enemies of Jem and the Holograms)
    • Pictures of the team's handler, Eric Raymond, and lists of common Russian names
    • Pictures of some vehicles (Starlight Express van, the Rockin' Roadster, the Misfits' van, the Misfits' guitar motorcycles [yes, motorcycles shaped liked guitars - pure awesome!])
  • Lincoln Log Figures
    I printed out these pictures of the PCs, cut them to size, and taped them to a bunch of old Lincoln Logs to make figures for the game. They were a big hit!
Lincoln Log Figures 1

Lincoln Log Figures 2
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