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GURPS 4e - Combat Spreadsheet (v. 0.1)

Download Here

There are a number of useful text flowcharts for combat in GURPS 4th edition, like those by Bjork (incomplete), Collective Restraint, and Rasputin.

Using those as a base, I set out to make a spreadsheet that would allow users to go through GURPS combat step-by-step, inputting values as necessary, to assist in learning the combat system and how its many options interact together.

I imagine it would be a bit cumbersome to use this spreadsheet during actual gameplay - my goal is more to give GMs and players new to GURPS 4th edition a tool they can fiddle with outside of gameplay to run through the combat system and see how things "flow". Sort of a way to practice combat alone.

Like my other recent GURPS project, the Combat Examples, I have limited the scope of the rules to only the options found in the GURPS Basic Set, 4th edition. Options from Martial Arts and High-Tech may find their way in later, but for the moment I'm sticking to Basic only.

This spreadsheet is very much an alpha version, version 0.1 - it's not much more than a 'proof of concept' at the moment; it works, but it's a bit ugly. I am very interested in feedback to improve it - if you have any questions, suggestions, or notice any bugs (either with the GURPS rules or the Excel formulas and presentation), I'd appreciate hearing about them. You can either post to the project's forum, or send an email to the address below:

I hope you find this useful for learning the GURPS combat system!

GURPS is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original creation of Warren "Mook" Wilson and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy.
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