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"Cynosure - City of Dreams"




Sample Races

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A race of baby talking “cute, fuzzy animals,” such as teddy bears and mice. They rarely leave their home dimension of singing flowers and a talking sun since very few sentients in Cynosure can stand being around them.

“A race of exquisite, ethereal beings who inhabit two or more separate planes of existence at the same time. For them, the difference between reality and dream is nonexistent. They are also the most sensual of lovers, the most prestigious of spouses.”

“Parapsychological manifestations of the deceased's remorse, often repeating certain patterns of behavior until relieved of that remorse.”

Six foot tall, evil “killer rabbits”; the sworn enemies of the Ch'ukee.

Also known as “Jelly Babies.” These scavengers (they don't eat living food) are “immense creatures, like two-story jelly fish, who swim in a thick gaseous dimension.”

A powerful race of supernatural creatures; they are able to shapechange into the form of a wolf, bat, man, or a cloud of mist. Vampires must drink fresh blood each day or they begin to weaken. The only way to truly kill a vampire is to decapitate it, stuff its mouth with garlic, purify it with flame, cleanse it with running water, and let the ashes wash away, never to mingle again.

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