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"Cynosure - City of Dreams"




A Few Places in the City

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The Arena
Before bloodsports were outlawed in Cynosure, the Arena was home to gladiator combats of all kinds, from large-scale skirmishes to the horrific wolfpacs, young children trained to fight animals. The Arena still stands, though it is now used as government storage.

An enormous shopping center, made up of thousands of independent shops, some permanent, others phasing in and out. Maps and kiosks scattered throughout the mall inform visitors of shops entering or leaving the mall.

Cynosure Grand Terminal
Central hub for the Eternity Rail, a major jumping off point for any number of realities.

Holly Memorial Stadium
The largest concert hall in all of Cynosure, able to seat nearly five million sentients.

The Levee
A sordid area of the city, specializing in catering to unusual sexual preferences. “Whatever is sexually possible is also profitable down on the Levee.”

“The ring of blasted and baked territory that rings Cynosure. Some thought it was a dimension of its own. Mostly what it was was desolate.”

The Pit
“Where the dregs of Cynosure congeal.” The Pit is one of the roughest slums in Cynosure, all but forgotten by the rest of the city.

Sanctuary of the Dancing God
Also known as the Engulfed Cathedral, this gigantic landmark in the Pit can be seen for miles. It is an abandoned temple to an unknown god.

Suburbia is only one of dozens of similar dimensions, filled with green lawns and annoyingly friendly neighbors. Many corporations dedicate entire such dimensions to housing their employees.

University of Cynosure
U-Cyn is a giant floating sphere, “the only artificially created dimension in Cynosure. All rules of science, magic, and alien technologies work within its walls- the better to be explored and exploited.” The university's motto is “Knowledge in pursuit of excellence.”

If dimensions like Suburbia are for the middle class, dimensions like Uptown are for the upper class. Uptown in particular is a dimension “where the streets are clean, the view Olympian, and the people live like gods and goddesses.”

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