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"Cynosure - City of Dreams"





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Welcome to Cynosure, the pan-dimensional city at the center of all reality!

In this packet you'll find quick overviews of the city, its history, a few of the major forces in Cynosure, a sampling of places, equipment, lingo, and races, and an example character questionnaire. The information is by no means comprehensive, just a little taste of things. Hope you enjoy reading, hope you enjoy Cynosure, and most of all I hope you have a great time with your campaign!

(For the most part this information is canonical from the comic series only in a few rare cases did I find it necessary to add to the source material).

This document may be downloaded as a PDF here.

The material presented here is not officially endorsed or licensed in any way! It is only my personal notes on the GrimJack setting for use in GURPS or other RPG campaigns. No challenge to any existing trademark or copyright is implied, all rights remain firmly with their original holders.

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