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"Cynosure - City of Dreams"




Various Forces in the City

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Council of Ministers
The 20 Ministers of the Cynosure Council have an incredible amount of power at their disposal, but they are wise enough to use it only sparingly. The Council oversees the development of the city, but they generally don't interfere until a situation begins to have citywide ramifications.

Alpha Cetaurii Commercial Empire (ACCE)
This multidimensional conglomerate is the largest in Cynosure, dealing in everything from orbital platforms to personal hygiene items. The ACCE does not specialize in any one field, preferring instead to offer any and every product that might find a market in the city. The current head of the ACCE is Emperor and Chairman of the Board Gaius Winthrop Cser IV, a large gold skinned humanoid who first took control from his father 35 years ago. His son, C'Janus Cser V, will one day do the same.

Xygan Corporation, Interstellar (XCI)
A close rival of the ACCE, XCI deals primarily in high technology items, though they also maintain a vast line of other goods. The current CEO is Hal Xygan10, a slightly reptilian humanoid genetically bred to be identical to his predecessor, Hal Xygan9. Hal Xygan has ruled over XCI, in one form or another, for the past 300 years.

The Lord Protector of Cynosure
Cynosure's Lord Protector is an old, semi-religious function that was revived a few years ago. A being named Phaeton laid claim to the title and, despite the fact that neither the corporations nor the government acknowledge his authority, began proclaiming that he was the incarnation of Cynosure itself, and that he would weed out all threats to the city and its people. Though Phaeton does boast some powerful abilities (including the ability to warp realities within his immediate area), he keeps largely to himself, only occasionally appearing to deliver some great speech or to remind the populace they are still under “his watchful care.”

Transdimensional Police (TDP)
The TDP is the government's law enforcement arm, and they claim jurisdiction in any dimension currently in phase with the city. Though TDP headquarters is located in the central heart of the city, they maintain a large network of precinct houses, armories, and garrisons all across the dimensions. Still, Cynosure is an enormous city, full of violent and unusual crime, so the TDP is perpetually understaffed and overworked. Their current Commissioner is TDP Minister Javret Tuillons. He has a reputation as a stern and “by-the-book” man.

Shadow Cops
“Shadow Cops are an elite bunch of undercover cops. They work deep in the streets, playing bad guy to bust bad guys, keepin' their ears to the ground so as to nail the big stuff before it happens.”

Shadow Cops are very good at their job, and many stay on the streets for years before finally retiring to less stressful departments. They report only to Deputy Commissioner Lillian Seffington, who is the only being who knows them all by sight.

Cadre was Cynosure's answer to the Dancer's rebellion. Cadre's orders were simple: to deal with any and all threats to the city's safety. Between them and the TDP no love was lost, though some blood was.” - GrimJack

Cadre began with only twelve operatives, working directly under Director Mayfair. It grew quickly over the years, using the city's natural paranoia to gain power and influence, until today it fills a 40-story fortress headquarters near the center of the city. While the TDP is (theoretically) expected to always follow the law, Cadre's sole purpose is to get results at any cost. A deep enmity exists between the two organizations, and firefights have been known to break out between their operatives in the field. Cadre is much smaller than the TDP, but its skill at subterfuge and deception more than makes up for the discrepancy.

Though Cadre officially works for the Council of Ministers, Mayfair never briefs them before beginning an operation, and only rarely informs them afterward. Only Cadre's impressive record of weeding out threats to the city allows Mayfair this degree of autonomy.

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