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A-rad Serum
An anti-radiation drug that confers limited tolerance to the ill effects of radiation, for a short time.

A flying remote camera/sensor, about the size and shape of a fly.

A communication device and beacon for a TTB (Temporal Teleport Beam). Time travelers without a chronomaster can not be retrieved from the timelines.

A powered whip, capable of delivering painful electric shocks.

A high voltage antipersonnel weapon, usually worn on the palm of the hand.

Miller Medallion
An enchanted medallion which glows green in the presence of supernatural energies.

Portable Reality Generator (PRG)
PRGs are “the most closely guarded secret in the TDP arsenal.” They are “back pack sized units which project a relative functional reality around the wearer…lets your weapons and vehicle work no matter what the physical laws are of the dimension you're in.”

Qwikdeth Heat Seeking Bullets
Available in many different calibers, and keyed to many different species.

Similar to a Bugeye, but in the rough shape of a rat.

A whip with attached razor-sharp barbs.

St. Elron Vial
An enchanted vial of silver nitrite, which allows certain spells to be absorbed and possibly hurled back at their caster.

St. John's Knives
Blessed, silver knives, useful against a wide variety of supernatural creatures.

A very powerful, but very expensive, sleep drug.

A powerful and highly addictive “berserker” drug.

Vamp Dust
Garlic dust, used when combating vampires. “Hurts 'em about as much as silver dust and costs a lot less. Keeps 'em from shapechanging as well.”

Almost any kind of weapon can be found in Cynosure, from wooden staves to man-portable particle beams.

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