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Character Creation

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(Naturally the GM should feel free to use whatever guidelines he wants during character creation these are just the notes I used for my own group, using GURPS 3rd edition).

The guidelines for creating characters are pretty simple- you can use up to 150 points, with no more than 30 points of disadvantages. There are no caps on attributes. Due to the unique nature of the setting just about any skill or advantage is possible, as long as it can be somehow justified in the character's background/history. (Naturally this doesn't mean anything is allowed...the GM may have to veto extremely powerful or abusable powers. If you have any question about particular advantages or skills, just ask).

So far the only skill I've had to add is Area Knowledge: Cynosure; this is a M/VH skill, due to the nature of the city, and only a critical success will guarantee accurate results (the makeup of Cynosure changes a lot).

In addition to the infinite number of dimensions available, characters can also be from various Earth times. Though time travel is extremely difficult and costly in Cynosure, it isn't unheard of. So if you really want your character to be from Earth, or any time from Earth's past, it can be done.

Most of Cynosure's citizens appear to be humanoid, though there are certainly numerous exceptions. Extra limbs, extra eyes, wild skin colors, even psionics are all possible. Basically, just go nuts and make whatever kind of character you want to- anything I don't feel I can handle I'll just let you know and we can work on changing it. However, be careful not to create a character so "alien" that it's impossible to properly roleplay! (For instance, you could conceivably create a character who was a sentient cube of slime, but how exactly would you roleplay that in a group of humanoids?).

PC Questionnaire

Name:			Age:		Sex:		Height:		Weight:
Skin Color:		Eye Color: 			Hair Color/Style:
Distinguishing Features:			
Characteristic Gestures:
Home Dimension Description:
Time in Cynosure:				
Family Background:
Academic Experience:		
Military/Law Experience:
Occupation:					Past Occupations:
Positive Traits:
Bad Habits/Vices:
Personality Summary:
Favorite Pastime:			Favorite Drink:			Favorite Meal:
Clothing Style/Favorite Outfits:
Typical Quote(s):
1) In an abstract sense, what are some of the things that really matter to your character? Is there anything he aspires to? Anything he is passionate about? Anything he would give his life for? (Examples: honor, equality, truth, compassion, wealth, power)

2) In concrete terms, what are some things your PC really wants/desires? These could be material things, changes in the character, changes in other characters, changes in the environment, whatever. Which one thing does he desire most? (Examples: to be mayor, to be rich, to own a laser rifle, to find a family member, to gain a rep)

3) For each thing desired, explain why. Don't stop at the surface reason...give some thought to what ultimate need the PC is fulfilling by getting what he wants. (Examples: hunger, security, love, pleasure, recognition)

4) How might getting what he wants change the character, particularly as relates to question 1? (Examples: he would be happier, he could stop searching, he could settle down and raise a family)

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