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"Cynosure - City of Dreams"




Cynosure - City of Dreams

A Journey of the Mind

Christina, Damon, Matt, Michele, and Mook

"Cynosure: City of Dreams" was a cinematic campaign our group played from 1/7/99 to 8/5/99. It was set in the multi-dimensional city of Cynosure, taken from the excellent GrimJack comic book originally published by First Comics.

The material presented here is not officially endorsed or licensed in any way! It is only my personal notes on the GrimJack setting for use in GURPS or other RPG campaigns.

We had an absolute blast with this game, it was really a lot of fun. Unfortunately a lot of the character information and session logs aren't available yet, but I do plan to get them posted eventually. In the meantime, what I do have available is the 'Player's Book' I created for the campaign and gave to the players for reference before the game - you can browse through it using the links to the left, or download it here as a PDF.

Note that this information is not meant to be a definitive guide to Cynosure or GrimJack - it only covers material from what I might consider 'classic' GrimJack, say, Starslayer #10-#18 and GrimJack #1-#50 or so. In particular nothing has been included from the 'Demon Knight' graphic novel, the recent 'Killer Instinct' mini-series, or any of the plotlines dealing with GrimJack's dying and rebirth (John Twilley, etc.).

(See also a one-shot convention game I ran set in Cynosure).

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