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How to Help Out Mook and TheMook.Net

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TheMook.Net has always been, and will always be, a completely free-of-charge personal website, a place for me to put things online I'd like to share with the rest of the world. There is never any expectation of payment or reward, everything I do here is for my own amusement and enjoyment, done in my own free time.

Having said all that, maintaining TheMook.Net does involve certain costs (server hosting, domain registration, etc.), and visitors to the site have on occasion asked how they could help out.

There are a lot of things you can do to support me and the site:

  • Participate in the Forums.
    The majority of community interaction takes place on the forums, and there are topics to cover all sorts of interests. But the conversations there are only as good as those doing the conversing - so the more the merrier, register and log in today!
  • Link to TheMook.Net.
    Feel free to share the link here anywhere you think people would enjoy the site.
  • Click on Google Ads / Use Google Search
    Some pages here have Google ads or search boxes embedded in them, and I get a tiny, tiny "commision" from visitors who use them. So, if you see an interesting ad or you're going to be searching Google anyway, why not do so from TheMook.Net?
  • Shop at TheMook.Net Amazon Store is the major online retailer - you can get almost any product imaginable, at a decent price, delivered right to your door. I can't even count the number of items I've purchased quickly and easily from Amazon over the years. If you're going to be doing any business with them anyway, again, why not do so through TheMook.Net Amazon Store? Every little bit really does help. Some pages (particularly the Blog) also have individual items embedded in them, with a link allowing purchase from Amazon - I get the same small return on these items as I do from those listed on the store page.
  • Buy Mook a Gift
    For folks just wanting to send me a gift, I have an Amazon Wishlist set up. Everyone loves gifts!
  • Make a PayPal Donation
    Finally, if you're just looking for a way to make a quick direct donation, I'm able to receive payments through PayPal. Just click the button below:

Thank you all!
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