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Compiled and sporadically maintained by: Mook
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Current Version: 12-27-2006
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This compilation contains current versions (as of 12-27-2006) of roughly 70 AddOns, listed below.


In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, or if you simply decide you don't want to use these AddOns, it is much, much easier to restore your original settings than try to recreate them from scratch. All of the folders referred to in this ReadMe are inside your main "World of Warcraft" folder (where you have the game installed).

To install the MookUI AddOns, unzip the file "" to your hard drive - inside you will find two folders:

My login name is 'Pikachu', and I play a character named 'Joeblow' on the Medivh server. I want to try out the MookUI AddOns with him, so I download the "" file and unzip it to my computer.

My final folder structure should look like this:

C:\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\**all the MookUI AddOns**
C:\Games\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\PIKACHU\Medivh\Joeblow\

SETUP (top)

After the MookUI 'Interface' and 'WTF' folders have been copied to your 'World of Warcraft' folder (INSTALLATION, above), follow these steps to begin configuring the AddOns the way they appear in various MookUI screenshots.

Login to the character whose name you used when renaming folders during installation.
At the Login screen, click the AddOns buttons and:

Hopefully your screen looks at least something like this:

Fresh Login

If not, it may be because your Resolution and/or UI Scale are not the same as mine. Under Video Options, my Resolution is set to 1024 x 768, my UI Scale slider is down to 0.64. If this doesn't match your settings you may need to do additional tweaking to the AddOns to configure them correctly for your screen.

This guide should help you get started. There are quite a few AddOns in this collection, if you're finding it tough to get things configured it might be a good idea to just enable a few at a time from the 'AddOns' menu of the login screen.


Bug reports, suggestions, support, and F.A.Q. can be found on the MookUI forum at:



Questions can be posted to the MookUI forum at:, and may be included in future revisions of this document.

Q. What is that squeaky voice saying 'fatality' sometimes?
A. This is the notification sound from the 'BugSack' AddOn, telling you that an error message was intercepted and sent to the BugSack. To disable the sound, type "/bs mute" in the chatbox.

Q. Can I move/change the action bars?
A. Sure can! Type "/bongos" in the chatbox, then uncheck "Lock Bar Positions". This allows you to drag the bars around the screen; you can also right-click any unlocked bar to access more options (like scale, number of buttons, etc.).

Q. How do I get that textured gray box I can see in screenshots of the MookUI?
A. This is accomplished with the 'Skinner' AddOn - to create that frame type "/skinner bottomframe show" in the chatbox. You can adjust the height of the box by typing "/skinner bottomframe height XXX", where 'XXX' is the height you want the box to be; adjust the width by typing "/skinner bottomframe width XXX", etc. (Just typing "/skinner bottomframe" will show a chatbox list of all options available for the bottom frame).

Q. How can I keep just the textured gray box, without having 'Skinner' reskin so many other windows?
A. 'Skinner' will allow you to choose what you do and do not want reskinned; in particular, "/skinner char none" and "/skinner npc none" will turn off the reskinning of most character and NPC windows. You can also access most 'Skinner' functions through the 'DeuceCommander' FuBar menus.

Q. How do I create the three gold-bordered panels at the bottom of the screen?
A. 'eePanels' is the AddOn to use to create panels like this - right-click on the 'eePanels' FuBar plug-in to access the commands for creating and modifying panes.

Q. How can I see what I have in my bank without being at the bank?
A. The addon 'vBagnon' takes care of this - on the normal Keybindings menu set a key for "Toggle Bank" (under the heading 'Bagnon').

Q. Why can't I get the Bongos action bar to work correctly when I change stances?
A. The Bongos action bar will only swap pages correctly if you set the bindings for the action bar through the Bongos interface, not the Blizzard Keybindings menu. To do this, type "/bongos", then click the 'Bindings' tab on the Bongos menu - just hold the cursor over the action button you want to bind and press the key you want to bind it to.

Q. Where can I download the most current copy of the MookUI compilation?
A. The most current information about the MookUI can always be found at:
It is also maintained at the following mirrors:

Q. Where do I find other AddOns that aren't in the MookUI compilation (or updates for AddOns that are)?
A. Here are the main websites that I watch for new and updated AddOns:

Another excellent resource for AddOns discussion and support is the official World of Warcraft "UI & Macros" forum:


!BugGrabber (curse)
Redirects WoW error messages to the 'BugSack' addon

!OmniCC (curse)
Global cooldown timer (will show cooldowns in the 'Bongos' bars)

!StopTheSpam (wowinterface)
Intercepts/hides AddOn loading messages

AlphaMap (wowinterface)
Supplemental map with extra options

AtlasLoot (wowinterface)
Loot tables for the 'AlphaMap' instance maps

bc_TrackingMenu (home)
Minimap right-click menu for choosing tracking abilities

Bongos (curse)
Action Bar replacement (slash command notes modified from 'EpoxyUI')
/bongos /bongos help or /bongos ? - Displays list of commands
/bongos lock - Locks the position all bars
/bongos unlock - Unlocks the positions all bars
/bongos show [bar] - Shows the given bar
/bongos hide [bar] - Hides the given bar
/bongos toggle [bar] - Toggles the visibility of the given bar
/bongos scale [bar] [value] - Set the scale of the given bar. 1 is normal size
/bongos setalpha [bar] [value] - Set the opacity of a bar to . 0 is translucent, 1 is opaque
/bongos stickybars [on | off] - Enable/disable bars automatically 'sticking' to each other when positioning them
/bongos save [profile] - Saves the current bongos settings
/bongos load [profile] - Loads the given profile, if available
/bongos delete [profile] - Deletes the given profile
/bongos setdefault [profile] - Uses for the default layout of new characters
/bongos reset - Returns to default settings.

Bongos_ActionBar (curse)
Main action bar module for Bongos

Bongos_Options (curse)
Options module for Bongos

Bongos_RollBar (curse)
Loot rolling window module for Bongos

Bongos_Stats (curse)
Stats module for Bongos

BugSack (curse)
Intercepts error messages for later review

Call to Arms (curse)
Supplement to the default Blizzard 'Looking For Group' system. Requires that you type "/join lookingforgroup", and is dependent on how many others are using that channel (though not necessarily Call to Arms)

Cartographer (wowinterface)
map replacement allowing for user-created mapnotes and resource gathering

Cartographer_Herbalism (wowace - file only)
Notes on the map where herbs are found

Cartographer_Mining (wowace - file only)
Notes on the map where ores are found

CECB_Debuffs (curse)
Debuffs module for CECB

CECB_Options (curse)
Options module for CECB

CECB_PvEModule (curse)
PvE module for CECB

CECB_PvPModule (curse)
PvP module for CECB

CEnemyCastBar (curse)
Spell timers, spell alerts, target's cast bar, etc.

ClearFont2 (home)
Alters the interface fonts

CT_BuffMod (home)
Buff timer replacement, part of CT_Mod

CT_Core (home)
Core of CT_Mod, allows for various tweaks

CT_MailMod (home)
Allows opening of multiple pieces of mail at once, part of CT_Mod

CT_RABossMods (home)
Assistance for Raid instances, part of CT_Mod

CT_RaidAssist (home)
Assistance for Raid instances, part of CT_Mod (options can be accessed from the Raid tab)

Detox (wowace - file only)
Displays those in need of decursing

DeuceCommander (wowace - file only)
Control interface for 'Ace2' addons

eePanels (wowace - file only)
Creates customizable panels

EnhancedTradeSkills (ui.worldofwar)
Displays how many trade items you can create with materials from your bags, banks, and vendors

EQL3 (ui.worldofwar)
Expanded quest log

EquipCompare (curse)
Compares equipment you mouse over to equipment you are wearing

EzDismount (curse)
Automatically dismounts you when you try to do something you can't do mounted

Fence (wowace - file only)
Enhances the default Auction frame

FlightMap (curse)
Additional information on the flightmap

FreeRefills (wowace - file only)
Allows automatic buying of user specified items

FruityLoots (wowace - file only)
Positions the loot box under your cursor

FuBar (wowinterface)
Provides configurable infobars, populated with the modules below

FuBarPlugin-2.0 (wowinterface)
Required libraries for FuBar

FuBar_BagFu (wowinterface)
Displays bag slots

FuBar_ClockFu (wowinterface)
Displays server time

FuBar_DurabilityFu (wowinterface)
Displays the durability of equipped gear as a percentage

FuBar_ExperienceFu (wowinterface)
Displays info about XP

FuBar_FriendsFu (wowinterface)
Displays your Friends

FuBar_GuildFu (wowinterface)
Displays your Guildmates

FuBar_HonorFu (wowinterface)
Displays info about Honor

FuBar_MCPFu (wowace - file only)
Interface for the 'MCP' addon

FuBar_MoneyFu (wowinterface)
Displays your money

FuBar_PerformanceFu (wowinterface)
Displays info about your computer's performance (latency, fps, etc)

FuBar_PetInFu (wowinterface)
Displays info about your pet

FuBar_RogueStunTimerFu (wowace - file only)
Timer bars for Rogue stuns abilities (Rogue only)

FuBar_SWStats2Fu (wowace - file only)
Interface for the 'SWStats' addon

FuBar_tcgTradeskills (wowinterface)
Displays the known skills of all your characters

FuBar_TopScoreFu (wowinterface)
Keeps track of your highest individuals damage records

FuBar_WhisperFu (wowace - file only)
Keeps track of who is whispering you

GFW_FeedOMatic (fizzwidget)
Makes it even easier to feed your pet

HitsMode (curse)
Replaces the default combat log

ItemRack (curse)
Allows for quick changing of equipment (including automatically equipping items when mounted)

KillMore (curse)
Displays how many of a particular mob you need to kill to reach the next xp level

Ludwig (wowinterface)
Maintains an in-game database of all items you come in contact with

Ludwig_SellValue (wowinterface)
Displays the vendor sell value of all items you have previously sold to a vendor

MasterTradeSkills (home)
Adds recipe data to ingredient tooltips

MCP (wowinterface)
Allows in-game loading and unloading of addons

MobInfo2 (curse)
Adds additional info the mobs tooltip

MozzFullWorldMap (curse)
Allows the viewing of previously unexplored parts of the map

Notebook (curse)
In-game plain text editor for keeping notes

Nudge (curse)
Range indicator (Hunters only)

oCB (wowace - file only)
Casting bar replacement

Perl_CombatDisplay (curse)
Customizable combat display

Perl_Config (curse)
Config module for Perl

Perl_Config_Options (curse)
Options module for Perl

Prat (wowace - file only)
Allows customization of the chat windows and how info is displayed

QuickRepair (wowinterface)
Automatically repairs all damaged items when at a vendor who can repair

ReagentData (home)
Database of recipes and reagents (required for 'MasterTradeSkills')

Recap (curse)
Maintains extensive combat/healing data on your character (and others)

RecipeBook (curse)
Allows viewing of all your characters' skills/professions, not just the one you are currently playing

sct (home)
Similar to the default Blizzard 'scrolling combat text', but much more customizeable

sctd (home)
Adds damage messages to the sct addon

sctd_options (home)
Options module for the sctd addon

sct_options (home)
Options module for the sct addon

Skinner (wowace - file only)
Reskins many parts of the UI interface

SpellDPS (curse)
Adds damage spells' DPS and DPM to the tooltip

SpellTips (curse)
Includes +dmg in damage spells' tooltip (the unaltered damage can still be seen by mousing over the spell in the spellbook)

Squeenix (wowace - file only)
Square minimap and button control

SuperInspect (curse)
Improved interface for player inspecting

SuperInspect_UI (curse)
Options for the 'SuperInspect' addon

SW_Stats (curse)
Damage meters

TalentReminder (curse)
Sounds a reminder chime every 5 minutes if you have available talent points to spend

TinyTip (wowace - file only)
Additional information and customization for the tooltip

TinyTipExtras (wowace - file only)
Extras module for the 'TinyTip' addon

TinyTipOptions (wowace - file only)
Options module for the 'TinyTip' addon

tradeDispenser (uiworldofwar)
Automatically populates the trade window with user specified items when another player opens a trade

TTSpellTimer (wowinterface)
Provides custom messages for spells (and timers)

vBagnon (curse)
Bag and bank replacement showing all bags as one integrated inventory window

vBagnon_Forever (curse)
Allows viewing of your bank items even when away from the bank

vBagnon_Options (curse)
Options for the 'vBagnon' addon

XPerl (curse)
Replacement unit frames

XPerl_Options (curse)
Options module for XPerl

XPerl_Party (curse)
Party module for XPerl

XPerl_PartyPet (curse)
Party Pets module for XPerl

XPerl_Player (curse)
Player module for XPerl

XPerl_PlayerPet (curse)
Player Pet module for XPerl

XPerl_RaidAdmin (curse)
Raid Admin module for XPerl

XPerl_RaidFrames (curse)
Raid Frames module for XPerl

XPerl_RaidHelper (curse)
Raid Helper module for XPerl

XPerl_Target (curse)
Target frame module for XPerl

XPerl_TargetTarget (curse)
Target of Target frame module for XPerl

XPBarNone (wowinterface)
XP bar replacement


All of the Ace Libraries included in this compilation are listed below - remove with caution, as an AddOn missing a required Library will not function correctly.
They are all available for download from:



Except for any changes noted here, all AddOns are exactly as I downloaded them.

CHANGE LOG - VERSION 12-27-2006 (top)

Updated manually Updated AddOns using 'Wow Ace Updater' Updated Ace Libraries using 'Wow Ace Updater'

CHANGE LOG - VERSION 12-20-2006 (top)

Updated manually AddOns UPDATED using 'Wow Ace Updater' Libraries UPDATED using 'Wow Ace Updater'

CHANGE LOG - VERSION 12-13-2006 (top)

Updated manually